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Online European RCE Meeting

Transformative education for sustainable regions

We kindly invite you to join the online European RCE Meeting on 12 & 13 September 2023, from 10.00h-12.30h CET. The theme of the meeting is Transformative education for sustainable regions. More than ever before, we need to learn how to solve the challenges of our time, and we can only do so by learning collectively. We therefore composed an inspiring program, bundling energy and actions that help us find the way to an education that supports a thriving 21st century. 

What do we offer?

  • Powertalks from a number of honoured experts in the field
  • Practical perspectives from teachers 
  • Reflections by RCE Youth Coordinators
  • Tools and strategies to strengthen your efforts to embed ESD in the region

RCEmeeting-programme.pdf (

Besides, we think you have a lot to offer too. We think our network contains plenty of knowledge and wisdom, so space for dialogue and co-creation are key. We therefore reserved 8 blocks of 20 minutes in the program that are open to questions of European RCE partners.

Pitch your challenge in 5 minutes and end with posing a question to the audience – together we can learn and develop new ideas for the future. See the registration form for sharing your wish, dream, idea or challenge!

You may apply to deliver your short presentation in the Dialogue & Co-creation Session through the following means

(Deadline for application: by 27, August 2023 23:59 (CET):

  1. Submit the following information in the registration form:
  • Name European RCE:
  • Contact person & contact details:
  • Our challenge is: 
  • Our question to the audience is:
  1. Submit a power point slide by e-mail to:  and/or


  1. Submit RCE Project Report under the theme of ‘Transformative Education for Sustainable Regions’ through the RCE Portal. Project Report is the function on RCE website that enables the global RCE community to learn from each other to improve ESD practices, share ideas or actions, or to find partners for regional/international ESD projects. You can see the submitted RCE project on the website and select the speaker.

We are looking forward to meeting you online on the 12 and/or the 13 September!

(Deadline for registration: by 03, September 2023 23:59 (CET).

You will receive a link for participating after registration, at the beginning of September. 

[Registration] Online European RCE Meeting (

Further, on 14 September, from 11:00-12:30 CET a European RCE internal Assembly Meeting will be organized for members of the European RCE network. be organized for members of the European RCE network. This will be highly relevant for discussion of European RCE organisational issues, projects and collaboration as part of our global network.

Please register separately for this session.

(Deadline for registration: by 03, September 2023 23:59 (CET):

[Registration] European RCE Internal Assembly Meeting (

Best wishes from the organisational partners, 

Max Eisenbart, Heleentje Swart (SPARK RCE Fryslân) and Samuel Fernández Diekert (RCE Basque Country – Navarre)